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Karthik Kumarasamy


Utah State University


Research Topic

Water use change prediction in Cache Valley Canals by coupling Agent Based Modeling approach with QUAL2Kw


iUTAH Research Focus Area



Faculty Advisor

Bethany Neilson



The idea is to predict withdrawal rates from the canals based on changes in water quality in canals. QUAL2Kw framework allows for a quasi-steady state prediction of spatial and temporal variation in water quality. On the other hand the ABM model helps with the prediction of human responses to these predicted changes in water quality. We have coupled the two models to help us predict both the temporal and spatially variability in water use based on water quality when the system optimized. The objective of this work is to eventually develop a system that is efficient in predicting canal water use and allocate water based on requirements of different users such as urban users (hobby farmers), agricultural users, water users for aesthetic purposes, hydroelectric power generators and other users.



Karthik is a PhD candidate in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Utah State University. He received a B.E. degree in Civil Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, India and an M.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Utah State University. He developed conceptual models and built the necessary framework such as interfaces, back end engines and databases that allow computation and simulation of contaminant fate and transport in a multimedia (air, surface and groundwater and plant compartments) setting for sustainable protection of water resources. He also developed a method to evaluate the vulnerability of shallow aquifers from nitrate contamination at very large scales. His work has primarily been involved with the introduction of scientific defensibility in the decision making process associated with the biosolids land application practice.