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Caleb Buahin


Utah State University


Research Topic

Hydrologic Modeling of Coupled Human Natural Systems


iUTAH Research Focus Area



Faculty Advisor

Jeff Horsburgh



It is often not possible to select a single hydrologic model with all the appropriate formulations for interdisciplinary research of the kind being pursued by iUTAH. Caleb’s research is exploring approaches to decomposing existing hydrologic models and their underlying process formulations into components that can be subsequently composed together in a “plug and play†fashion to more holistically simulate the natural and engineered portions of hydrologic systems along the WRMA. This approach to model development called component-based modeling, promises to allow researchers to experiment with different process formulations and explore linkages and feedbacks between different research domains that are typically modeled independently.



Caleb holds degrees from Brigham Young University (BS and MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Utah State University (PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He also worked briefly for Aquaveo in Provo, Utah as a software developer on their Watershed Modeling System team and then for Environmental Resources Management Inc. in Exton, Pennsylvania where he applied a variety of hydrologic and hydrodynamic models for various local and international environmental impact assessment studies.