iUTAH Teams - Undergraduate iFellows


Point of Contact: Ellen Eiriksson, USU

The iFellows undergraduate research fellowship program provided 12-20 students annually with the opportunity to conduct independent summer research projects. This experience offered students training in research practices and critical thinking, with a goal of encouraging students to consider careers in STEM fields. Participants worked alongside faculty and experienced near-peer mentors, partnering in the research process.

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2017 iFellows


Chase Beyer - Westminster College

Lindsay Capito - Utah State University

Maggie England - Weber State University

Christian Ford - SLCC

Mike Fowles - Weber State University

Emily Jorgensen - Brigham Young University

Andrew Luymes - Brigham Young University

Rosanise Odell - Westminster College

Gabrielle Regenhardt - University of Utah

Agatha Roese - USU Eastern

Eric Shipp - Brigham Young University

Jared Stewart - University of Utah

Arin Towns - Utah State University

Conor Tyson - Utah State University

Desiree Wickwar - Westminster College



2016 iFellows


Joydino Beyale - USU Eastern (Blanding)

Heather Bottelberghe - SLCC

Katelyn Boyer - Utah State Univerity

Todd Brown - Utah State University

Darcie Christensen - Utah State Univerity

Georgie Corkery - University of Utah

Cynthia Elliott - Weber State University

Andrew Hackett - Weber State University

Greta Hamilton - SLCC

Stacy Henderson - SLCC

Rebecca Lee - Brigham Young University

Gabriela Martinez - SLCC

Mitchell Steele - Utah State University

Shanae Tate - Brigham Young University

Luis Vidal - University of Utah

Lily Wetterlin - University of Utah

Adam Whalen - University of Utah

Sandra Udy (Young) - Utah State University



2015 iFellows


Ahn, Kyle - Salt Lake Community College

Araujo, Amanda - Brigham Young University

Baji, Viviane - Utah State University

Fleri, Jesse - Utah State University

Gathro, Josh - Utah State University

Griffin, Natasha - Brigham Young University

Hill, Sawyer - Westminster College

Ipson, Joseph - Snow College

Johnson, Matthew - Weber State University

King, Heather - University of Utah

Long, Donald - Southern Utah University

Oldroyd, Zack - Utah State University

Tanner, Elizabeth - Salt Lake Community College

Valle, Phillip André - Weber State University

Vawdrey, Jamie - Utah State University

Willey, Darianne - Utah State University

Williams, Shannon - University of Utah

Wolf, Margaret - Westminster College



2014 iFellows


Albert, Allison - Utah State University

Beach, Tim - Utah State University

Brotherton, Toby - Westminster

Butterfield, Andrew - Westminster

Gentry, Kenyon - Westminster

Henrie, Adam - Weber State University

Hicks, Katy - Weber State University

Holzwarth, Alexis - Weber State University

Josephson, Jeffery D. - Weber State University

O'Donnell, Claire - University of Utah

Stout, Samuel - Weber State University

Thomas, Anne - Brigham Young University

Williams, Michelle-Kei - University of Utah



2013 iFellows


Bedingfield, Sean - Utah State University

Bell, Luke - Brigham Young University

Bjerregaard, Zackary - Weber State University

Campbell, Hayden - Utah State University

Cook, Brant - Utah State University

Frandsen, Jeff - Utah State University

Hagedorn, Andrew - Westminster

Locquiao, Jem - University of Utah

Mitts, Stephanie - Weber State University

Norman, Kari - Utah State University

Palmer, Brianne - Utah State University

Pilkington, Dusty - Weber State University