External Engagement


iUTAH’s external engagement programs advanced the goals of the project by promoting a diverse, well-prepared STEM workforce and a scientifically literate public regarding water issues in Utah. Through team participation and the development of partnerships, we supported citizen science, museum partnerships, public radio series, school programs, teacher trainings, and other outreach activities to engage Utah residents in the science and sustainability of water resources.


About Partnership


Partnerships were a key component of external engagement. Our partners enhanced the work of our own outreach staff, allowing us to promote water science and sustainability activities through their established educational networks across the state. Participants of all ages, across Utah were involved in programs that focused on getting people out of their homes and into museums and other environments that fostered learning for students from kindergarden through university, and beyond.

One example of an external engagement program is the Education, Outreach and Diversity (EOD) Innovation Awards that  provided funding to broaden engagement with a wide and diverse range of stakeholders across Utah. The program provides small grants that allow schools and nonprofits to increase their outreach capacity on water issues. Here’s a sampling of what has been accomplished over the five years engaging Utah’s citizenry in water-wise activities:


Citizen Science Program Partners

Citizen science program partners:

Collaborations with USU Water Quality Extension and the Utah Division of Water Quality have educated and engaged people of all ages in water monitoring efforts of Utah’s streams and lakes:

- Utah Water Watch



Museum Program Partners

Museum program partners:
Educated the public through interactive and traveling exhibits with the state’s premier museums:

- Bean Life Science Museum at BYU
- Garth and Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History
- Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
- Natural History Museum of Utah
- The Leonardo


Media Program Partners

Media program partners:

Educational programming through public media, including radio, television, websites, and podcasts:
Follow the Flow 

The Crowd and the Cloud
The Source

- Utah Education Network


Education Program Partners

Educational programs for K-12 students:


External Engagement News

May 16, 2018

HESS Best Paper Award for iUTAH Collaboration

Former iUTAH postdoctoral researcher Erik Oerter, along with Molly Malone, Louisa Stark, and Gabriel Bowen, and others received the Jim Dooge Award 2017 for the best paper in the European Geophysical Union's flagship journal "Hydrology and Earth Read More...



October 5, 2017

Classroom Lesson Leads to Publication

Former iUTAH postdoctoral researcher Erik Oerter has collaborated with Molly Malone, Louisa Stark, and Gabriel Bowen, and others to publish the paper “Every apple has a voice” in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, a Read More...



August 28, 2017

Changes in Utah Water Watch Staff

Cade Andrus, the new co-coordinator at UWW In June, Utah Water Watch (UWW), a Utah State University Water Quality Extension program, said goodbye to co-coordinator Eli Robinson. While working for Utah Water Watch, Eli spearheaded UWW’s Harmful Read More...



April 14, 2017

iUTAH Donates 235 Water Books to Area Libraries

Award winning author Nancy Bo Flood will be in Utah May 1 – 12 for the 2017 Utah Water Week’s celebration of books on water. Credit Nancy Bo Flood. Each year in early May, Utah dedicates a week to public awareness and involvement in Read More...



December 9, 2016

WSU Students Present Undergraduate Research

A mini-symposium was held for the fourth straight year on the campus of Weber State University. It featured research posters and presentations from iUTAH’s Summer Institute and the Undergraduate Research Fellows (iFellows) Program. The event was Read More...