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Erin Jones


Brigham Young University


Research Topic

Stream bacterial community connectivity and sources


iUTAH Research Focus Area



Faculty Advisor

Zachary Aanderud



Very little is known about microbial communities in streams and how they play a role in the overall stream ecology. These microscopic organisms play a huge role in cycling nutrients and other chemicals, but little has been done to understand how these communities are connected through a watershed, which species are present vs which are active, and how anthropogenic (man-made) changes both in-stream and on the landscape impact the communities. By beginning to understand these relationships, we will be able to draw conclusions about how these microbial communities are related to water-quality, and make predictions about the future of water quality in Wasatch streams.



Erin is a PhD student in Plant and Wildlife Sciences at BYU working with Dr. Aanderud. She received a BS in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from USU. Erin is a member of ASLO and considers herself a budding limnologist (http://bit.ly/1aA5mr6), and is excited for this chance to develop an emphasis in aquatic microbial ecology.