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Julia Kelso


Utah State University


Research Topic

The characterization of riverine organic matter in an urban landscape.


iUTAH Research Focus Area



Faculty Advisor

Michelle Baker



This project aims to identify and quantify sources of aquatic and terrestrial organic matter in rivers along a gradient of urbanization within three watersheds. Increased urban and agricultural land use can alter organic matter inputs to rivers and consequently alters the storage, transformation and transport of nutrients in aquatic ecosystems. A better understanding of how land use changes affect organic matter processing at a watershed scale can inform management policies aimed at preventing nutrient loading and eutrophication of surface waters.



Julie is a Ph.D. student at Utah State University studying aquatic ecology and biogeochemistry. Her current research focuses on using stable isotopes to identify sources of dissolved and particulate organic matter within a matrix of land use. She also has helped develop efficient and portable instream filtering methods to be used by personnel from any discipline. For her master’s thesis she investigated the potential effects of natural gas drilling on macroinvertebrate communities of headwater streams and the role of the hyporheic zone as refuge for macroinvertebrates from stream drying.




Quick but Not Dirty - Instream Filtering of Suspended and Volatile Solids
Quick but Not Dirty - Instream Filtering of Suspended and Volatile Solids
Presented by: Julia Kelso

March 2013