Project Participants



Adam Whalen

University of Utah


Contact Information:

University of Utah
Communication & Political Science
( 801 ) 910 - 7420
Professional URL:



Adam Whalen is a senior at the University of Utah, where he is double majoring in Strategic Communication and Political Science with an emphasis in Public Policy. He is primarily interested in survey research, secondary analyses, and quantitatively studying attitudes and opinions on a societal level. Apart from attending graduate school during Fall of 2017, Adam ultimately hopes to apply his research skills and academic knowledge in the political / governmental sphere to enact change on a macro level. Resume


iUTAH Involvement:

iUTAH Team Memberships:
iFellow, RFA2


Role in iUTAH:

Undergraduate participant in the iFellow summer experience as an iFellow under the wing of Megahan McKasy and Sara Yeo. My research is primarily associated with RFA2.


iUTAH Interests:

Data and Modeling, iFellows, RFA2



Professional Interests & Expertise:

Decision-Making, Science Communication


Environments & Scales:

Cities, Communities, Neighborhoods, Organizations