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Jared Stewart

University of Utah


Contact Information:

University of Utah
College of Architecture



Jared is an undergraduate student studying Urban Ecology at the University of Utah. As a prospective planner he hopes to make substantial contributions to the future of water in Utah. Jared is excited to be part of iUTAH by participating as an iFellow. He believes that being an iFellow is a great first step to help ensure that Utah maintains a high quality and quantity of water for future generations. In his personal life Jared enjoys cycling, trail running, and spending time with friends and family.


iUTAH Involvement:

iUTAH Team Memberships:


Role in iUTAH:

2017 iUTAH iFellow


iUTAH Interests:

Data and Modeling, iFellows, Internships, Research Experience for Undergraduates, RFA1, RFA2, RFA3, STEM



Professional Interests & Expertise:

Diversity, Ecohydrology, Ecology, GIS, Human Ecology, Hydrology, Urban Ecology, Water Quality, Water Supply


Environments & Scales:

Agriculture, Cities, Communities, Ecosystems, Groundwater, Lakes, Neighborhoods, Populations, Streams/Rivers