EOD Innovation Awardee


Bear River Watershed Council

2014 Bear River Forum Support

2013-2014 Awardee


The Bear River Watershed Council was awarded funds from iUTAH to support their Beaver River Basin Forum in January 2014.


The Forum featured the film DAMNATION, which explores the sea change in our nation’s attitude towards big dams.  The event also featured two speakers to further explore how the film’s theme applies to our own Utah community; Nick Schou, water outreach manager for the Utah Rivers Council, discussed his organization’s critical statewide work and the importance of free flowing rivers. Star Coulbrooke, director of the Oneida Narrows Organization (ONO) headquartered in Smithfield and Preston, updated those present on their critical and ongoing work resisting the damming of the Bear River at the base of Oneida Narrows, 10 miles northeast of Preston, Idaho.


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