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Stephanie Mitts

Stephanie Mitts

Weber State University


Faculty Mentor

Steve Burian, Universtiy of Utah


Research Focus

Research Focus Area 1 - "Biophysical Ecohydrologic" research, engineering


iFellow Presentation



Rainwater Harvesting
Presented by: Stephanie Mitts

July 2013


iFellows Field Notes


Rain Water Harvesting

Submitted by Stephanie Mitt on June 27, 2013

As an iFellow, I am working alongside Steve Burian at the University of Utah to compile data on various factors that affect rainwater-harvesting (RWH) programs. RWH is the process of collecting rainwater and using it unfiltered for non-potable purposes such as irrigation, toilet flushing, and air conditioning systems. It can also be filtered and used for drinking and bathing. Read More...