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Alexis Holzwarth

Alexis Holzwarth

Weber State University



Faculty: Martin Buchert, UU

Graduate: Philip Stoker, UU


Research Focus

Research Focus Area 1



Alexis Holzwarth is currently working on a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental studies, as well as an Associate Degree in general studies at Weber State University.  Originally from Utah, Alexis has also lived in the mountains of Colorado and planted native vegetation in a fire damaged area on Hawaii.  Her ultimate goal is to return to Hawaii to work for the US Forest Service.  She is looking forward to her experience as an iFellow. 


iFellow Presentation


Exploring Urban Water Use
in Salt Lake City

Exploring Urban Water Use <br>
          in Salt Lake Citysoil moisture sensors
Presented by: Alexis Holzwarth

July 2014