iUTAH Undergraduate iFellows


Week 10 Recap

July 21-July 25, 2014


Allison Albert

Allison AlbertOn Monday I attended the iFellows presentations and listed to other presentations and presented my project. The rest of the week consisted of testing the vacuums of the installed lysimeters and installing shallow wells.  



Tim Beach

Tim Beach

Week 10 started off with the final iFellow meeting. A bunch of us carpooled from Logan down to the Commander's House at the University of Utah. We briefly caught up with different items of business then went right into the presentations. I went third, which was nice because I got to see a couple of other iFellows go first but I didn't have to worry about messing up for the whole meeting. I felt like my presentation went well. I was stumped when asked about a question on a data source, but it was a good learning experience for me. I enjoyed hearing all of the other presentations. It seemed like during the 10 weeks I only got to hear random snippets of the work the other iFellows were doing, so it was nice to see all of the research at once. The rest of the week was spent working on an educational map with text and pictures that we are hoping to get out to the public soon. The iFellows program has been a great experience!!


Toby Brotherton

Tim Beach

This final week, Kenyon and I made steps to facilitate the continuation of our greenroof biodiversity project. We collected our final round of samples, and prepared the traps to be sampled for a few more weeks. We also inventoried our purchased equipment and materials and organized them for future use. 



Andrew Butterfield

Tim Beach

Although this is the 10th and final week of the 2014 iFellows program, this is not my final week with my research and with iUTAH. Many hours have been spent in the lab this week working to finish my sample analyses. As I strive to complete my lab work, I also look forward to the last few weeks of summer and into this fall, when I will be conducting my data analysis and preparing my research for publication. This summer has been a positive and beneficial experience as an iFellow, and I extend my gratitude to all those that helped me through the process from beginning to end and in my continuing endeavors.



Kenyon Gentry

Kenyon GentryI received additional help with combining the logging program and the liquid level sensor program and was able to get it to work. The problem was in the logging program; there was a line of code that measured the band gap. This in turn set a reference voltage to a voltage that was too low for our sensor to work properly. I briefly tested the Arduino and sensor, and graphed the output flow rate in Excel. I have been wrapping up the projects by annotating my presentations with additional details to chronicle what I’ve done over the summer.​


Adam Henrie

Tim BeachI used the final week to contribute some journal article summaries to an online literature database involving landscape preferences and the social aspects that contribute to those preferences. Further research in this area will be conducted by my mentor. 


Katy Hicks

Tim BeachWeek 10 began with the iFellow Symposium. It was cool to hear the final presentations of the other iFellow's research. It was sad to see the iUTAH undergraduate fellowship come to an end. I really enjoyed my time with iUTAH and getting to know the other iFellows! The rest of my time during the last week was spent helping my mentors assemble the household survey packets to mail out. 


Alexis Holzwarth

Tim Beach 




Jeffery D. Josephson

Tim Beach





Claire O'Donnell 

Tim Beach

The last week of the ifellow program was great. We had the opportunity to create a longer presentation for our peers. It was exiting to be able to hear about everyone's successes and failures and our learning process over the last 10 weeks. I also worked in the field with my research mentor collecting data about neighborhood plant diversity.




Anne Thomas 

Tim BeachMy last week of iFellows (though not the last week working on the survey), following presentation day, included more surveying in the heat, data entry (and re-entry when excel decided to delete one morning’s work), and tree species identifying. My head is full of trees.


Michelle-Kei Williams 

Tim Beach