iUTAH Undergraduate iFellows


Week 7 Recap

June 30-July 4, 2014


Allison Albert

Allison AlbertThis week I found shallow wells and price-matched them, along with all of the parts that we would need. I then learned about the different installation methods to install the shallow wells. In addition to acquiring point wells, I conducted a experiment to determine the solubility limit of citric acid in one liter of water, worked on my poster, and began learning how to use the surveying equipment that we have so we can survey the ground level at the Green Meadows site.



Tim Beach

Tim Beach

This past week I have been assembling my poster and finishing the design for some of my maps. I am still in the analysis process for some of my other maps, but I have completed 4 for my poster. Most of my time has been spent at the computer and meeting with my adviser to coordinate the overall look of my maps. 

One way that I have been trying to ensure some great looking maps is to print them out individually to see what things on paper I need to change. I have been learning the principle that what you create on the computer and what actually comes out on paper can sometimes be a little different.



Toby Brotherton

Tim Beach

Last week, I began taking measurements for evapotranspiration on the University of Utah Marriott Library green roof. The lysimeters are being irrigated every night, so I have to place tarps on them after sundown to keep the water off of the plants. The tarps then have to be removed before sunrise in order to not interfere with evapotranspiration. We will continue to collect data through the middle of week 8. Other time has been spent with poster preparation and data collection for the arthropod biodiversity study.



Andrew Butterfield

Tim Beach

This short week has been devoted to sample analysis. All 126 samples must be prepared and analyzed once for carbon concentration, and again for absorbance and fluorescence, leaving 252 analyses to be completed. Going into the extended holiday weekend, approximately half of those analyses were complete. Spare time has been devoted to working and reworking my research poster for the upcoming iUTAH Symposium.



Kenyon Gentry

Kenyon GentryToby and I collected our third and final sample from our four sites. I have ordered supplies for an Arduino based water flow sensor and data-logging unit. We have been trying to get access to a biology lab in order to process our samples; in the mean time, we plan to identify the insects as best as possible by eye.




Adam Henrie

Tim Beach


Katy Hicks

Tim BeachThis week was spent finishing up coding for a stakeholder's amplification or attenuation of risks associated with the Lake Powell pipeline. After presenting our poster drafts during our cohort meeting on Monday, I started revising my poster and took into consideration the suggestions of the other iFellows. In preparation for the upcoming Summer Institute, I helped my one of my mentors set up iPads for the surveys that will be handed out to the public next week.  



Alexis Holzwarth

Tim BeachDuring week seven I revised and edited my poster for the upcoming iUtah Symposium. I made a lot of changes and it looks great thanks to the great feedback I received from my mentors, other iFellows, and even a former professor. This process has helped me to understand the information better, in order to talk to others about the research I have been participating in. Creating the graphics for my poster was an interesting process because each graph, map, chart, etc. tells a different story. These images were carefully developed and selected from a group of many more. I am excited to share the information that has surfaced. 



Jeffery D. Josephson

Tim Beach

Poster time is here! This week we spent a lot of time making sure our posters and the presentations to go along with them is coherent and scintillating! It never seems like my work is "ready for primetime" but I will have to do it anyway. Cohort meeting is next Friday at the end of week 8. Just 4 weeks to go and, wow, I will sure miss iUtah!



Claire O'Donnell 

Tim Beach

This week I finished making my pots for my planting experiment. I also finished visiting 8 nurseries and taking down their inventory for the first time. 






Anne Thomas 

Tim BeachI made a sizable dent in tree surveys this week...including the Heber City Walmart parking lot. I’ve been learning a lot about identifying tree species, as well as driving a pickup truck.


Michelle-Kei Williams 

Tim Beach