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April 6, 2016

Survey offers glimpse into public perceptions of water use

The annual Northern Utah Water Conference, held last week at the Utah State University Innovation Campus, was again a success. Participants listened to skilled presenters address a variety of water topics and subjects. It again became obvious that we all see things through different lenses, but there is a continuing need to engage in important water conversations.


Another interesting presentation from USU sociologist Doug Jackson-Smith addressed public perceptions of water use. During the summer of 2014 researchers from Utah State University, the University of Utah and the iUTAH Project undertook a large survey of households on water issues. The general purpose of the survey was to discover what people understood, or did not understand, when it comes to water use.


Surveyors visited 23 neighborhoods in Cache Valley, Salt Lake Valley and Heber Valley and carefully interviewed randomly selected households with an extensive 16-page survey. Highlights from survey findings in five Cache Valley neighborhoods are listed below. Some results are surprising while others are somewhat expected.


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