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Brianne Palmer

Brianne Palmer

Utah State University


Faculty Mentor

Dave Bowling, University of Utah


Research Focus

Research Focus Area 1 - Ecology


iFellow Presentation


Nitrogen content of lichens as an indicator of inversion-based deposition
Nitrogen content of lichens as an indicatorof inversion-based deposition
Presented by: Brianne Palmer

July 2013



iFellows Field Notes


Analyzing Lichen for Stable Nitrogen Isotope Ratios

Submitted by Brianna Palmer on June 18, 2013

During my experience with iFellows, I have been working at the University of Utah with Dave Bowling to learn how to identify, grind and eventually analyze lichen for stable nitrogen isotope ratios. Larry St. Clair, from Brigham Young University, taught us how to identify various lichen in the Wasatch Front. Lichens are composite organisms made up of both fungi and photosynthetic organism, and can often be found on trees. Read More...