iUTAH Organizational Chart


Leadership Team External Advisory Board Managment Team Research Teams Education and Outreach Teams Facilities Cyberinfrastructure Team iUTAH Project Office


iUTAH is governed by a Leadership Team, which consists of the Project Director, the Assistant Director and Project Administrator, the Education, Outreach and Diversity (EOD) Director, and the cover-sheet Principal Investigators (there are five cover-sheet PIs distributed among Utah’s three premier research institutions).


Directives from the Leadership Team are implemented by the iUTAH Office Administration Team, which is spread among two project offices in Logan (Main Office) and Salt Lake City (Satellite Office); and which includes the Project Director, Assistant Director and Project Administrator, EOD Director, EOD Coordinator, Budget Officer, Communications Specialist, and Administrative Assistant.


Implementation of iUTAH programs is coordinated with the iUTAH Management Team, which in addition to the Project Director, Assistant Director and Project Administrator, EOD Director, and EOD Coordinator, includes principal investigators from all primarily undergraduate institutions affiliated with iUTAH, as well as important stakeholders from industry, non-profits, and governmental agencies.


iUTAH research and EOD programs are executed by three Research Teams, three EOD Teams and a Data and Modeling Team; and through the use of a number of experimental, observational, and analytical facilities.


Evaluation of iUTAH programs is done by an Assessment Team, consisting of several external evaluators and representatives from the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Research Competitiveness Program.


In charting activities to accomplish its mission, the iUTAH Leadership, Management, and Office Administration Teams are advised by an External Advisory Board.