iUTAH Household Survey


Researchers from Utah State University and The University of Utah are collaborating with local municipalities across northern Utah to study water use, water policies, and water resource issues in Utah. The US National Science Foundation funds this project.  


As part of the larger project, in the summer of 2014 we conducted a survey of randomly selected households in neighborhoods across three Utah valleys – Cache, Salt Lake, and Heber/Midway. This survey provides important information about how local residents use and think about water in their daily lives.  We are also able to explore how households differ across the diverse kinds of neighborhoods and cities found in this region. Our findings are being used to inform local and state water managers about the needs and priorities of their residents.


The survey data collection process was completed in October 2015, and we want to thank all of the individuals and households who participated in this important project. Summary reports based on the survey findings are being posted as soon as they are finalized.  Click the button below to see what is currently available.



How did the survey work?

We randomly selected approximately 180 households from each of 22 neighborhoods from across the three study valleys. Eight of these neighborhoods are in Cache County, twelve in Salt Lake County, and three in Wasatch County. This survey was implemented using a “Drop-Off/Pick-Up” method, where our field staff went door to door to arrange for residents to fill out the questionnaire at their convenience with pick up a few days later. Survey questions ask about household water uses as well as perspectives about water conditions and policies in the valley and the state of Utah. The survey was made available in both English and Spanish. Esta encuesta estará disponible en español.



Voluntary and confidential process

Participation in the research was entirely voluntary. Over 60% of people who we sampled agreed to participate. Throughout our data collection and analysis, we have taken steps to protect the privacy of respondents. All reports or publications that result from this study will rely on summaries and aggregated tables that do not reveal the identity of any participant.


Neighborhood Sample Overview Maps


Cache Country Sample Neighborhood MapCache Country Sample Neighborhood Map

Contact the Researchers

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Douglas Jackson-Smith at USU at (435) 760-7377 or doug.jackson-smith@usu.edu or Courtney Flint at USU by phone (435) 797-8635 or courtney.flint@usu.edu.


Utah Household Water Survey in the News


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Clean and plentiful: Logan residents enjoy some of region’s cleanest drinking water

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City Councils Hear Water Survey Results

iUTAH News on Feb 15, 2016
Throughout January, iUTAH researchers Doug Jackson-Smith, Melissa Haeffner, and Sarah Hinners presented the findings of the iUTAH 2014 survey to city councils in the greater Salt Lake Valley area. Read Article...


Study Documents Utahn's Perceptions of Water Situation

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City officials: USU-UofU water study will help with management

The Herald Journal on June 12, 2014
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Research survey looks at 'human side' of Utah's water management

The Deseret News on May 28, 2014
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USU, UofU conducting survey of residential water use

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