Data Policies and Collection Plans


iUTAH is committed to an open data policy to maximize the impact and broad use of datasets collected within iUTAH facilities and by iUTAH research teams. To define procedures for publishing and sharing data, the CI Team has worked with the iUTAH leadership to develop and implement a data policy for all datasets developed as part of or supported by iUTAH. The Data Policy specifies a data typology and timeframes for data and metadata submission and release. The Data Policy also calls for the submission of a Data Collection Plan for all data collection and creation efforts supported by iUTAH.


Utah Economics Video

View this presentation to learn more about how Cyberinfrastructure promotes the collaborative publication, interoperability, and reuse of iUTAH data and research products

Data Publication on HydroShare

iUTAH investigator datasets are shared or published via HydroShare, which is an online, collaborative environment for sharing hydrologic data, models, and code. HydroShare supports formal publication of data and models and supports collaborative groups with both public and private sharing of resources. Visit HydroShare to create an account, join the iUTAH HydroShare Group, and submit a dataset or to view and access submitted resources.


View tutorial videos that cover getting started, creating resources, and sharing and publication in HydroShare. For detailed instructions on Sharing/Publishing iUTAH Data and Models to HydroShare Learn More...


Data Collection Plans

For all data creation efforts executed with any funding from iUTAH (salary, travel, sampling, equipment purchase, etc.), a brief plan for data collection should be approved by the Data Policy Committee prior to the onset of data collection/creation. Data Collection Plans include identification of the types of data to be created along with descriptions of methods, data formats, data access, and distribution. To submit a Data Collection Plan, complete the template document linked below and send to


Data Management Policy Documents