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iUTAH’s mission is to explore how factors such as population growth, climatic variability, land use change, and human behavior affect the sustainability of our water resources. Additionally, iUTAH aims to enhance Utah’s capacity to meet future water challenges. We achieve this goal by studying not only the natural water system, but also the people who use and interact with water, and affect water quality and quantity through their actions. Thus, much of the work conducted by iUTAH takes place in the neighborhoods and subdivisions of both urban and rural communities across the state, and involves citizens from all walks of life. iUTAH is firmly committed to providing societally relevant science to the citizens of our state, and to help build an inclusive and diverse water-wise and scientifically literate workforce and citizenry of tomorrow.







May 5, 2017

Utah Water Watch training - Tier 2 - Cedar City, UT

May 7-13, 2017

2017 Utah Water Week - Statewide