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Cyberinfrastructure: the iUTAH Modeling and Data Federation

Synthesis of diverse data collection and modeling to support iUTAH research teams requires cyberinfrastructure (CI) with adequate storage, networking, computational, and human resources. The iUTAH Modeling and Data Federation (MDF) has been developed by the CI Team to support the full data lifecycle and increase capacity for data collection, organization, management, sharing, synthesis to higher-level products, and integration with models. We are working on a number of efforts to create better access to data and new tools for collaboration among iUTAH participants.

Visit the Modeling and Data Federation site for more details.


Data Publication Tutorials


Detailed instructions are available on sharing and publishing data and models to HydroShare.


Getting Started and Creating a Resourse in HydroShare

HydroShare: Getting Started

HydroShare is repository for sharing, collaborating around, and formally publishing scientific data. Data and models are organized as resources.

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HydroShare: Publishing Resources

Resources can be shared publicly, or with individuals or groups, with permission levels specified. HydroShare can also be used for formal publication of data.

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Data Publication Overview

Learn about the process for data publication within iUTAH. The goal for data publication in iUTAH is to combat information entropy and increase the information content for data.

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Data Collection Plans

This tutorial focuses on Data Collection Plans. Data collection plans are the first step in the data publication process. Learn about the Data Collection Plan template and how to fill it out.

Note: Data publication for iUTAH has migrated to HydroShare, so some details covered in the tutorials are outdated.

iUTAH Data Access

HydroShare - Data Publication

HydroShare - Data Publication
iUTAH investigator datasets are shared or published via HydroShare, which is an online, collaborative environment for sharing hydrologic data, models, and code. Visit HydroShare to view and access shared resources.

View iUTAH Datasets on HydroShare


iUTAH Ecohydrologic Observatory (GAMUT) Data

iUTAH Ecohydrologic Observatory (GAMUT) Data
iUTAH researchers have deployed an environmental monitoring network to study water in Gradients Along Mountain to Urban Transitions (GAMUT) in three Utah watersheds. Cyberinfrastructure has been implemented to support collection and dissemination of the data. A web-based tool provides for discovery and public access.

Access and visualize GAMUT Data


For iUTAH Participants


Publish Your Data

Publish your data

The iUTAH CI team is developing tools to assist iUTAH participants in discovering, visualizing, accessing, and sharing data. Some types of data are being published using specialized applications and tools. Most investigator datasets should be shared via HydroShare. HydroShare supports formal publication of both data and models and supports collaborative groups with both public and private sharing of resources. To get started, visit HydroShare:

Submit a dataset


Create Shared Collaboration Space

Create Shared Collaboration Space
To help the diverse group of iUTAH participants at multiple institutions collaborate online, the CI team has implemented a web-based file sharing tool. The iUTAH CloudShare allows researchers to post datasets or files for backup and for sharing with specific groups. Files and folders may be shared within a group working space or by a unique link for those who do not have accounts. Contact the CI Team to request an account.

Access the iUTAH Cloud Share


iUTAH Data Policy

iUTAH Data Policy
iUTAH has implemented a formal Data Policy governing all datasets developed as part of or supported by iUTAH. The Data Policy specifies a data typology and timeframes for data and metadata submission and release. It also calls for the submission of a Data Collection Plan for data collection and creation efforts supported by iUTAH. All iUTAH participants should be familiar with the Data Policy.

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Software Development


The CI Team is actively developing various software tools to support iUTAH research efforts. All of these products are open source and can be accessed via github repositories. More Information...


  1. Sensor Data Quality Control
  2. Field Equipment Management
  3. Web-Based Data Access and Visualization
  4. HydroShare Data Publication
  5. Survey Data Access