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July 26, 2016

Farming Without Soil: U Student's Hydroponics Research Among 18 Projects Showcased

iUTAH iFellows Undergraduate Research program and its participants were featured in a University of Utah news story. As the 11-week program concludes this week, students such as Georgie Corkey reflect on what they have learned.


The U’s article said “For the last 10 weeks, University of Utah student Georgie Corkery has investigated sustainable urban farming options for Salt Lake, and she will present her work at a symposium Wednesday, July 27, at the University of Utah Guest House, 110 S. Fort Douglas Boulevard, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Corkery is among 18 undergraduate students from universities across the state who were accepted to work as iFellows, a program designed to connect undergraduate students with faculty researchers whose work is part of the National Science Foundation funded-iUTAH project. iUTAH, which stands for innovative urban transitions and arid-region hydro-sustainability, is an interdisciplinary research and training program aimed at strengthening science for Utah’s water future. Part of that involves outreach projects that train the next generation of water scientists.”




U student Georgie Corkery with plants growing using hydroponics. She is holding a kale plant. | Photo: Georgie Corkery


Kale and peppers growing in rock wool and soil. The fan and sticky traps (yellow papers) were used to successfully and quickly rid the starts from a potentially damaging gnat problem. | Photo: Georgie Corkery



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