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June 5, 2017

Data Management Survey for iUTAH Researchers

The iUTAH EPSCoR project has been approved for a one-year no cost extension, beginning in August 2017. This means that the project office will remain open, at a reduced capacity, to help with the administration, distribution, and communication of research that will be completed in the coming year. One of the areas of emphasis for researchers during the extension is to meet our program requirements for sharing data and research products. To help us know what to expect from you in the coming months, we ask that you respond to a short 3-minute survey.


Your response to the Data Management Survey confirms your commitment to the requirements of this award, and will let us know that you are on track with your data management objectives. For questions or clarification on data management, please see either Data Policies and Collection Plans or Steps for Sharing/Publishing to HydroShare.


Researchers, both faculty and student, we ask that you complete this survey as part of your commitment to iUTAH's program requirements for sharing data and research products. Go to survey.





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